Australia YouTube Round-Up: July 2018

Each month we report on the most popular YouTube channels and trending videos in Australia, and all major updates to the platform to keep you informed.


YouTube Channel Performance: Total Subscribers

CKN Toys continues to gather a heap of subscribers. Lachlan gains shoots up the ranks and Amazing Kids Toys Reviews gains momentum as well.


Rank Channel Category Subscribers
1WengieHowto 12,040,220
2HowToBasic Howto 11,772,012
3Primitive Technology Howto 8,547,820
4CKN Toys Entertainment 8,108,728
5Lachlan Games 6,821,444
6Troye Sivan People 6,505,219
7Muselk Games 6,269,664
8Planet Dolan Education5,731,384
95 Seconds Of SummerMusic5,269,454
10IggyazaleamusicVEVO Music5,266,784
11RackaRacka Entertainment 4,804,008
12Amazing Kids Toys Review Entertainment4,403,998
13FluffyJet Toys Entertainment4,364,665
14Prestige Clips Games 4,131,074
15XtremeGamez Games 4,062,777
16AC/DC OfficialMusic3,823,568
17Lauren Curtis Howto3,610,965
18Bounce Patrol KidsEntertainment 3,579,654
20How To Cook That Howto3,473,027


YouTube Channel Performance: Total Views

The top 3 channels are all toy unboxing channels.  The kids definitely love watching toys being unboxed.  Gaming and kids entertainment continue the dominant trend.


Rank Channel Category Views
1 CKN ToysEntertainment6,935,997,681
2SR Toys Collection Entertainment3,272,728,900
3FluffyJet ToysEntertainment2,579,817,985
5Bounce Patrol KidsMusic2,396,815,127
8Come And PlayEntertainment 1,768,159,131
8Planet DolanEducation1,661,890,918
13Grace's WorldEntertainment1,310,714,028
16Amazing Kids Toy ReviewsEntertainment 1,127,034,167
19Hillsong WorshipMusic914,214,971
18How To Cook ThatHowto899,671,206


Major Changes to YouTube:

  • YouTube now adds facts below conspiracy theory videos  [link]
  • YouTube now supports vertical videos on desktop players [link]
  • YouTube Testing Swipe-To-Next-Video Gesture For Android Mobile App [link]
  • Android users can now get YouTube’s dark mode [link]
  • YouTube will now notify some creators when their videos are stolen [link]


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