Australia YouTube Round-Up: March 2018

Welcome to our second monthly round-up for Youtube in Australia. Each month we report on the most popular YouTube channels and trending videos in Australia, and all major updates to the platform to keep you informed.


YouTube Channel Performance: Total Subscribers

March saw HowToBasic become the most subscribed Australian YouTube channel, taking the #1 spot from WengieTroy Sivane saw big gains, moving from #8 to #4 with a HUGE 25% growth in subscribers. And Muselk moved up 2 places  to crack the top 10 – continuing strong growth from last month with a 15% increase in subscribers. One to keep an eye on outside the top 20 (currently #34), and the biggest mover in March with 36% growth was How Ridiculous.


Rank Channel Category Subscribers
1 HowToBasic Howto 11,031,930
2WengieHowto 10,901,173
3Primitive Technology People 7,530,788
4Troye Sivan People 6,084,648
5Planet Dolan Education5,684,679
6CKN Toys Entertainment 5,586,823
7IggyazaleamusicVEVO Music5,283,790
8RackaRacka Entertainment 4,603,890
9Muselk Games 4,520,910
10 Lachlan Games 4,410,445
11FluffyJet Toys Entertainment4,197,602
12XtremeGamez Games 3,842,852
13Prestige Clips Games 3,808,988
14Lauren Curtis Howto3,634,207
15How To Cook That Howto3,428,779
16MyCupcakeAddiction Howto 3,190,250
17Kyutie Entertainment 2,969,635
18Mastersaint Games 2,853,554
19maxmoefoe Comedy 2,740,029
20Mighty Car Mods Autos 2,641,778


YouTube Channel Performance: Total Views

Not much movement in the most viewed Australian YouTube channels for March. Muselk gained one place to 11th, Kyutie climbs one spot to 18th, and Mighty Toys joins our top 20 for the first time. How Ridiculous is again one to watch – despite being 87th, the channel saw almost 30% growth in video views in March. And finally gaming channel Lachlan hits a HUGE milestone with 1 billion views – congratulations!


Rank Channel Category Views
1 CKN ToysEntertainment5,131,450,117
2SR Toys Collection Entertainment2,961,019,968
3FluffyJet ToysEntertainment2,498,464,015
5Bounce Patrol KidsMusic1,888,282,103
8Planet DolanEducation1,591,067,562
9Come And PlayEntertainment 1,428,975,480
13Grace's WorldEntertainment1,054,647,498
14 LachlanGames1,017,892,377
17CharlisCraftyKitchen Entertainment870,047,410
18KyutieEntertainment 806,621,290
19SMG4Entertainment 797,962,216
20MightyToys Howto772,441,805


Major Changes to YouTube:

  • Here’s a sneak peek at YouTube Studio Beta [link]
  • The new dark theme on YouTube is everything you could have wanted but didn’t know you needed [link]
  • The backlog of YouTube partner applications should be cleared by April. [link]
  • YouTube have just made it even easier to live stream [link]
  • YouTube is testing the ability to allow users to minimise and watch a video while continuing to browse [link].


Other Points of Interest

  • YouTube’s new music service actually won’t launch this March [link]
  • The internet shares what it’s learnt from YouTube [link].
  • YouTube will add information from Wikipedia to videos about conspiracies [link]
  • Why media companies are shifting their attention from Facebook to YouTube [link]
  • Fortnite breaks a YouTube record [link]


What Australian’s Are Watching Right Now

Here is a list of videos that are trending right now.


Boomerang Trick ShotsThe Weeknd Call Out My Name Official AudioFortnite Guns in Real Life How to Make a Vegan Curry












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