YouTubers: Here’s How To Use IGTV To Drive More YouTube Views

IGTV is here in full force. But how do you deal with yet another social video platform, and more importantly how do you use it to drive your YouTube views without getting too distracted? Used right, IGTV can be a handy new platform to help you increase your engagement and monetisation on YouTube. So let’s take a look at IGTV and then dig into some tactics that can help you drive more YouTube views.


What You Need to Know About IGTV

Launched in June earlier this year, IGTV operates as both an inbuilt feature within Instagram, and also as a stand-alone app. It allows users to upload and watch videos of up to an hour length for verified accounts and 10 minutes for unverified accounts (anyone can now apply for a verified account). Videos in your feed begin to play straight away, and if someone is following you on Instagram, they’re following you on IGTV as well.


IGTV is a mobile only app, and is designed for vertical videos. Perfect for shooting on your phone and uploading straight to the platform, and ideal for viewers as they don’t have to flip their smartphones.


There are no ads on IGTV as of yet, but Instagram executive Jackson Williams stated there will by the end of the year. But even without monetisation, IGTV is still a key element to drive engagement, and when used smartly can be a good way to drive users back to your YouTube channel where they can be monetised.


Using IGTV to Drive YouTube Views

So given what we know about IGTV, what’s the best approach to maximise the value of your content? How do you use IGTV to drive user’s back to your YouTube channel where you can monetise those views? Here are a few options that we recommend:


Utilised unused YouTube footage: Posting different content to your IGTV and Youtube will help increase views on both platforms. Behind the scenes content and outtakes are perfect for IGTV as they will drive views to your YouTube videos. Perhaps take 1-2 minutes of your 10 minute YouTube video and post to IGTV.  Think of it as a space to post longer instagram videos.


Repost verticals to YouTube: With any vertical videos, post to IGTV first, then to YouTube, still as a vertical video. A great example of this is John Mayer – Making of New Light for IGTV. This allows users of IGTV to enjoy quality content of the right size, while also capturing monetisation on YouTube. In fact, YouTube launched vertical video this year, so the layout will be the same for mobile devices on YouTube and IGTV.


Cross promote your videos: Shoutout your new YouTube video in your IGTV video bio, with a link to the video. This allows users to access your YouTube channel through one click and may even expand your audience who are unaware of your YouTube videos.


Keep your brand consistent: Have your IGTV name the same as your youtube channel. At the moment you can only search usernames on IGTV, so having this consistent with your YouTube will help with organic searches.


Things to Avoid

IGTV is designed specifically for a portrait video experience. Don’t fight it! Use content fit for purpose, and avoid the following:


Cropping existing content: One approach we’ve seen too much of is taking a landscape YouTube video and cutting it into portrait for IGTV. This will affect the viewing experience as portions of the video will be cropped out to fit the size – see Mr Bean’s IGTV channel for example.


Horizontal video: Some IGTV channels are taking landscape videos and editing them to fit the horizontal landscape. To do this they are either rotating them to the side, or editing a black border on the top and bottom of the video before it’s uploaded to IGTV.


Some things we still don’t know

Given it’s a relatively new product from Instagram, there is still a lot we are yet to learn. Monetisation for creators and brands whilst promised by the end of the 2018 still doesn’t have an exact date. And when this comes, exactly what ad types will be available? Will this be an extension of Facebook’s recently release ‘ad breaks’ or something different? And finally, what is usage and engagement like when compared to YouTube?


It’s still early days for IGTV. We don’t know how effective it will be as a channel, and when monetisation of content will be turned on. However it’s a fun platform and we believe it’s a great place to utilise your content to help drive more views back to your YouTube channel. Let us know how you are using it in the comments section.


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