Channel Management Services

Work with the #1 social video company for content owners and broadcasters in the APAC region.

We’ll help you run your channel the right way by optimising your videos for YouTube and Facebook’s search engines, growing your audience through community management and monetising your content.


One to one account support and strategy from our digital video experts.

Content ID Services

The global identification and protection of your audio and video IP on YouTube and Facebook.

Channel Management

Content editing, optimisation and YouTube best practice.


We specialise in distributing content across YouTube, Facebook and other AVOD platforms.


We’ll help you maximise your AVOD revenue.

Data-led Insights

Measure and track performance and revenues in our real-time dashboard.


What is channel management?

Utilising our expertise on social video platforms, our channel management service is a full-scope service where we run all aspects of your channel on YouTube and/or Facebook. As part of this service, we provide one to one account support and strategy from one of our video experts, metadata management and optimisation as well as content editing and publishing to the YouTube and Facebook platforms. 

Why do I need channel management services?

If you are a content owner, broadcaster or sports-rights holder and you want to monetise existing or new content on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, VA Media’s channel management service allows you to tap into the platform knowledge of our YouTube-certified experts using a combination of data-led insights and audience development strategies to grow your subscriber base and ultimately generate revenue from your content.

How do I make money on YouTube and Facebook?

As part of the strategy, VA Media optimises all aspects of monetisation on YouTube and Facebook for clients. This includes real-time analysis of monetisation metrics and ad-placement to maximise revenue from your content. 

How does VA Media optimise my channel?

We use proprietary tools to assist with the optimisation of content on YouTube and Facebook, allowing us to target popular keywords to improve the discoverability of our partner content, making it easier for viewers to find the content they’re looking for. As part of our video optimisation process, we also create channel playlists, design video thumbnails, set up content monetisation policies and provide community management.

How often does VA Media send out royalty reports?

We deliver monthly royalty reports and payments to our Channel Management partners utilising proprietary reporting technology that allows us to report on a detailed asset level for content owners who need an extra layer of detail.

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