Content Licensing

License your content to Valleyarm’s branded channels.

Get your content in front of a network of over 8 million subscribers by licensing your content to one of Valleyarm’s owned & operated channels. We specialise in movies, crime, music and old-school retro tv.


What is Content Licensing?

VA Media’s Content Licensing service gives content owners a new revenue stream by licensing their content to VA-owned channels with over 2 million combined subscribers. This provides content owners with a distribution channel for their content and opens up a new revenue stream.

How do I make money from licensing my content to VA Media?

All of the content licensed to VA Media will be monetised across our network of channels on ad-funded platforms like YouTube and Facebook. VA will pay licensors for their share of the total revenue generated by their content on a monthly basis. 

How many licensing channels does VA Media have?

We currently have 14 licensed YouTube channels in our network specialising in a range of genres from kids entertainment, true crime, automotive, documentary and movies including Sci-Fi, Horror and family-friendly movies.

What are the advantages of content licensing?

By licensing content to our VA Media channels, content owners get access to a proven distribution network with a significant subscriber base. This reduces the risk for content owners to build their own channels, as VA will handle all aspects of the publishing process from metadata optimisation to ad placements and thumbnail design. 

How often does VA Media send out royalty reports?

We provide best-in-class monthly reporting for our licensed content partners and utilising our reporting platform, can deliver detailed asset-level royalty reports to assist with your reporting needs. 

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