Content ID Services

Protect and monetise your TV, Movie and Music content on YouTube and Facebook.

VA is a YouTube Certified full-service Content ID partner for TV Networks, Movie Studios and Production Companies with 5 years + experience identifying, protecting and monetising long-form content that has been used without a license.


What is Content ID?

Content ID is an IP protection service that we offer to our partners and allows us to identify and either monetise or remove stolen content from YouTube and Facebook. 

How does Content ID work?

Content Owners will provide VA Media with their content via a cloud-delivery system. From there we will prepare the content for ingestion to our rights management platform, which involves setting up a content-specific rights policy. The rights policy will act as a geo-blocking or monetisation policy and will influence how YouTube’s Content ID system will react to stolen content on the platform. 

How much does the Content ID service cost?

The cost of the Content ID service depends on the number of content hours required to manage and VA will provide a custom quote for prospective partners on request.

What is a Content ID claim?

By managing Content ID on YouTube and Facebook, we are able to assert ownership on matching third-party content, on behalf of our content partners, through claims. This allows us to protect content IP rights at scale and apply a custom policy that can either monetise or block the infringing video.

How to report a stolen YouTube video?

While Content Owners are able to manually submit takedown requests to ensure that the user-generated content infringing on their rights is removed from YouTube and Facebook, VA Media is able to use the management of its rights tools to protect the rights of content owners on a large scale basis. 

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